Work for Beauty
Adding meaning to our offer to contribute to the enhancement of cultural and architectural heritage

Promoting the influence of french culinary tradition by prioritizing local recipes, ingredients, and the art of presentation

Giving special attention to the design of spaces for the well-being of our staff and clients (#ReduceReuseRecycle)
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Work for Good
Prioritize sourcing seasonal, local, organic products, as well as those originating from agroforestry, permaculture, and any other form of sustainable farming

Master the production methods and ensure food safety in each of our spaces.

Inform and raise awareness among guests about health and environmental quality
Work for sustainability
Reduce the consumption of natural resources

Conduct and act upon carbon footprint assessments and CSR audits of our sites.

Lower greenhouse gas emissions throughout the lifecycle of our offerings

Enhance the involvement of employees and clients in the implementation of the overall strategy
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