At MUSIAM Paris, we design and operate destination dining concepts and event services, ranging from accessible offerings to high-end experiences, within concession-based establishments that align with the venue's identity and its audience's expectations.

Our Manifesto

Elevating a unique culinary experience
Employing the operational and culinary expertise of our teams to serve the aspirations of the venue, captivating the senses and palates of each visitor and diner

Resonating with the spirit of the times
Understanding its challenges and expectations to translate them into unique and innovative sensory experiences

Savoring the present moment
Creating a suspended moment in time and relishing moments at the table that will leave a lasting memory

Revealing every identity
Awakening the history of each place to co-write a distinctive story together, capable of nurturing its potential in a lasting manner


Commercial catering concessions
The journey begins right from the airport, and a museum visit immediately immerses us in the heart of movements and moments that have shaped history. Just like these places that invite us to explore the various facets and nuances of our relationship with the world, MUSIAM Paris develops an array of culinary journeys, available "à la carte" or tailored to your preferences, ranging from light snacking to exceptional tables
Events catering
Historically established in museums and cultural sites, MUSIAM Paris also organises receptions. With its two catering offers, MUSIAM Reception and DUCASSE Reception, MUSIAM Paris opens the doors to iconic Parisian venues, offering your guests a timeless culinary break in its restaurants and event spaces

Together, bring your unique culinary story to life